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Whose side are you on?

Our purpose is to point you and your family to the G-d of abundance

How did we get here that after 5780 years of uninterrupted communal prayer and the transmission of the Torah in group in-person learning, Torah study and prayer that connected humanity with the G-d of abundance and brought His presence into this world, rabbis the world over were suddenly gripped with a simultaneous rush to shut their doors?

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Public Health War

The “Public Health Emergency” is a Ruse -- It’s Actually a War to Destroy Our Rights.

Public health officials have taken away the rights of millions of Americans. The government war on religion and human rights has begun. Our Constitution is being gutted in the name of “public safety.”

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Exposing the Lies We’ve Been Told About Covid, Shutting Shuls, Supposed “Upticks” and More

In the ongoing debates about masks and coronavirus vaccines, masks and the prospect of vaccines are a valid concern but both are a distraction. The real issue is that the government has decreed who is essential and who is not essential. Essential people can make a living. Those decreed non-essential cannot make a living and either starve or become a ward of the state.

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Save Our Freedoms - Litigation and Education Campaigns

Lifeline Legal Defense Fund, Inc.
Litigation and Education Campaigns

Our goal:

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About the Founder, David Smith

David is principal of David Smith & Associates, a highly successful litigation, Appellate and Constitutional Law firm with offices in New York and New Jersey. He is also an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi .

David founded SAVEOURFREEDOMS.ORG after witnessing the suppression of his and other religious communities and the abrogating of citizens Constitutional rights . . .

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WHO public health ideology insertion in action – Chemed Medical Ethics conference

This weekend the public health ideology will continue to insert itself into the minds and hearts of your rabbis and doctors, and through them, you and your children The 5th Annual Chemed Medical

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As I covered in my earlier emails, we are emerging from a world where we relied on other people to make decisions for us.  

We are also emerging from a world where we relied on other people to take action for us.  

It was cozy and comfortable.  And then in March we woke up to see that the people we relied on to take action were taking all the wrong actions. 

And that left us floored!

Everyone from elected officials to rabbis were either advancing the public health agenda or just not publicly taking any action.

In fact one New Jersey Assemblyman told me that limiting the Governor’s Executive Orders was not an issue he was interested in.  And one rabbi refused to meet with even his own students to discuss his acquiescence to the public health mandates.

So where does that leave us?

It leaves us with me and you, but you better not be relying on me.  It’s only you that can ascertain what is best for you, your family, your block, your neighborhood and your community, your county, your state and your country.  And only you can take the local action that is needed.

What?! you say.  You are a businessman, a spiritual leader, a father, a mother, a teenager.  How are you possibly going to do that?!

Well I wondered the same thing myself.  

Sorry, my friend, but we don’t have any other choice.  Well, we do have another choice and that is to do nothing or wait for the other leaders to do something, and that will get us exactly where we are now, because relying on them is precisely what got us here.

So I choose to do something. How about you?

Register now for my training

And if you do, then you will want to step up to the plate.  If you are reading this, you already are, because you are here and many of you are already leaders in your own right.

I have discovered that there are five levels of leadership.  1) as a man or woman, you yourself; 2) as a leader in a family; 3) as a leader in your larger space, let’s say your school, yeshiva, business or your community; 4) as a great person who takes responsibility for the people as a whole and makes bold statements of what is true that applies everywhere; and 5) Rebbe – that’s where you care not just about the “truth” and the big picture but about every single person, even the people who aren’t in the slightest interested in what you have to say or offer.

And quite frankly, in our times, we are all, and that includes you, needed to step up to all five levels.  

Since you were likely looking to others to lead and act until now, then some training is in order.

And that’s what we have done.  I say ‘we’ because I get to be in the video but most of the work was done by other great rabbis putting together the material and assembling the video.  An amazing team that is working day and night because they care about you, your family, America, your country, the Jewish People and every human being in the world.

I invite you to watch and study this training course.  So much time and expense was put into creating this that we do need to charge for it.  It’s on a level that really could be $3500 but the costs can be covered for less than that, so the team is only charging $397.  

Register now for half price and if you sign up today, use Code 10OFFNOW for an additional 10% discount.  

Watch for over five hours of training explaining:

1. The spiritual underpinnings of leadership.

2. Working with other emerging leaders.

3. Your authority to take action is absolute.

4. Your wisdom will kick in to guide you what to do, because G-d Almighty wouldn’t leave you without guidance on how to thrive after all the effort into getting you this far.

5. Your neighbors are eager to hear from you so you can inspire them to rise to this level.  Teach them these leadership principles and create more leaders.

Buy it, watch it, and challenge it. More importantly, challenge yourself.  You will transform and avoid painful mistakes.  It’s a framework that works.

Share it with your friends.  You will build units of people committed to the truth and to helping each other and everyone around you.

Enjoy being the leader you are!

Much success,

Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith

P.S. You deserve to be trained! Register now

P.P.S.  You are the hero of this story.  We are here to be a guide.  Register now to study our guide.