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Whose side are you on?

Our purpose is to point you and your family to the G-d of abundance

How did we get here that after 5780 years of uninterrupted communal prayer and the transmission of the Torah in group in-person learning, Torah study and prayer that connected humanity with the G-d of abundance and brought His presence into this world, rabbis the world over were suddenly gripped with a simultaneous rush to shut their doors?

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Public Health War

The “Public Health Emergency” is a Ruse -- It’s Actually a War to Destroy Our Rights.

Public health officials have taken away the rights of millions of Americans. The government war on religion and human rights has begun. Our Constitution is being gutted in the name of “public safety.”

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Exposing the Lies We’ve Been Told About Covid, Shutting Shuls, Supposed “Upticks” and More

In the ongoing debates about masks and coronavirus vaccines, masks and the prospect of vaccines are a valid concern but both are a distraction. The real issue is that the government has decreed who is essential and who is not essential. Essential people can make a living. Those decreed non-essential cannot make a living and either starve or become a ward of the state.

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Save Our Freedoms - Litigation and Education Campaigns

Lifeline Legal Defense Fund, Inc.
Litigation and Education Campaigns

Our goal:

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About the Founder, David Smith

David is principal of David Smith & Associates, a highly successful litigation, Appellate and Constitutional Law firm with offices in New York and New Jersey. He is also an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi .

David founded SAVEOURFREEDOMS.ORG after witnessing the suppression of his and other religious communities and the abrogating of citizens Constitutional rights . . .

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Rabbi Smith is not a new guru or leader for you to follow instead of the last one you followed and waited for him or her to do things for you.
He is a regular person, just saying what we all know to be true. Our team is 8 billion people, may they be fruitful and increase.
Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith

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Will Our Governments Ever Return Our Rights & Freedoms Back To Us? – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio] 🎧

Can we believe our governments when it comes to the new experimental mRNA vaccines? Though there are millions of Israelis already who have taken the covid-19 vaccine, there are still millions of

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Today/היום - Gathering of Inspiration/התוועדות
Go Gather the People - We are not alone! /לך כנוס את כל היהודים!–אנחנו לא לבד

Two events today (2/24) on Zoom in preparation for Purim (the holiday of the Book of Esther). What are the lessons of Purim for today? How do we best serve G-d Almighty in our times?

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